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As you may already know it’s challenging to get your management team to think about branding. This is why companies end up with fragmented, disjointed efforts, lacking continuity from marketing to sales, to product delivery and customer support.

What's a sales manager to do? What's my story? Who's my audience? Why should anyone switch to my product or service? Can everyone understand and convey this story? Is my value proposition built into my brand identity? Does my marketing strategy and brand development system reflect this?

How about my corporate modus operandi, does it complement my value proposition, is the sales funnel flowing smoothly all the way?

Am I always being defensive and apologetic about my sales process?

Are my best marketing materials, ads, sales stats, presentations and web sites communicating a clear message or is it disconnected and confusing?

Do my sales management team and customers have a solid sense of the market’s need for our products and the solutions we deliver?

It's Never Too Soon To Refine Your Branding Strategy

WiseScribe™ Publishing Inc. is your brand strategy, compliance and design consultancy, providing integrative advertising and interactive marketing.

What is Integrative advertising?

  • Web Design and Development: Building dynamic custom sites and applications that anticipate and respond to the client’s passions and desires.
  • Rich Social Media Marketing: Creating social advertising networks that deliver interactive functionality by using persuasive branding messages and using powerful sales techniques.
  • Audience Development and Media: Using Delivering full motion video to involve target browsers and reaching out to places they go online.
  • Web 3.0: Enhancing brand-relevant browsing experiences and human participation to cultivate customer loyalty.
  • Lead Resourcing: Nurturing ongoing relationships with your brands most valuable customers via integrated management systems.
  • Enfranchisement: Managing affiliate marketing relationships with people who directly or indirectly promote and sell your brand.
  • Wireless Mobile Fusion: Delivering 5 star reviews and citations with relevant content to best position branding messages to mobile devices.
  • Persuasive Sales Copy Strategies: Identifying, creating, licensing and managing persuasive content to crown your brand with raw relevance.
  • Brand Compliance Management: Creating fat digital archives of FCC and FDA compliant brand-relevant data.
  • Data Analysis and Metrics: Supporting data applications to help track online browser to buyer conversions.

Interactive Marketing Strategies Turn Browsers Into Buyers!

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