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Billions of advertising dollars have been invested to develop a more effective way to entice potential customers to spend their money. The results of these studies have evolved into the science of branding through the art of persuasion. For a great brand to succeed it must create a way to encourage customer loyalty in consumers.


Successful marketing promotes the differentiation of a particular brand from millions of less satisfying brands. The secret is to implement mystery, sensuality and intimacy, ultimately through a multimedia format. This powerful time-tested concept inspires an unmatched passionate commitment to your product.


I refer to this concept as super-branding. By combining proven advertising strategies, super-branding uses visual, auditory and hands-on stimulation to better inspire and nurture customer loyalty.


The whole premise of super-branding is based on the concept that companies don’t make super-brands, consumers do.


Ask yourself, “What does your customer want?” Your customer is the voice of the market and everything is dominated by the market, right?


When your customer makes an emotional connection with your product it transforms their relationship with your company. Bottom line is that we all love to be in control, and being in control inspires a sense of loyalty.


When I turn the key in my new car, I experience a sense of control and that creates an emotional bond. When I hold a key to my new house I experience the same feeling. That’s what’s so exciting about being a super-brand development consultancy, when you insert your real, relevant and raw keyword rich, persuasive sales copy into your personalized website you are cultivating a belief that your customers are in control.

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Combined with the mystery of winning, saving or earning something that they desire it edifies passion and a sense of commitment. Web 2.0 is an interactive sales technology that integrates the senses. This is an experience of the imagination that makes your super-brand real in the world, not just in your customer's mind. It is really all about how to move qualified buyers to buy your product.


The Internet is a rare and unprecedented opportunity, a creative virtual space just waiting to become a theater of dreams. Super-brands are what matter most to consumers, they are what inspire them.


The goal of WiseScribe™ is to make the World Wide Web a better, wiser place for everyone.


Fully developing your super-brand has to be the goal of every business. Step up to the challenge! There are two vital stages of victory for your super-brand. The first occurs on the proverbial show room floor, when your customer decides which brand to buy. The second happens when they use the brand and feel satisfaction. If you can deliver these two experiences over and over, you earn a sense of specialness in their life; this becomes customer loyalty.


Your competition is smart and getting smarter. Your personal branding platform is aesthetically stimulating and functionally effective, giving you the power to be really different, not just act different. All you need is fresh fire, a new way to think about branding. That’s exactly what WiseScribe™ brand consultancy offers, a tool to help your customer evoke the mystery, sensuality and intimacy to inspire that loyalty. For you it is the lever that initiates the power of emotion, respect and lasting passion.


The dollar isn’t the value, what matters is the perception of value. Whenever your customer perceives the value they are getting as higher than the cost, they will respect the deal you are offering. WiseScribe™ relentlessly focuses your qualified buyers on best value.


Your customer expects you to be innovative while creating value. WiseScribe™ brand strategies make this easy and simple too. Think about how you make the most money. You make it from loyal customers who use your product or service every day. That’s where the money is. So help your customers have a long-term love affair with you.


  • WiseScribe helps you create mystery by tapping into their dreams.


  • WiseScribe™ helps you create sensuality by integrating the senses.


  • WiseScribe™ creates intimacy by instilling commitment, empathy and passion.


  • WiseScribe™ connects people, businesses and their super-brands.

Take The WiseScribe™ Challenge: Launch Your Own Super-Brand!


The opportunity to benefit from WiseScribe Publishing is a unique opportunity as well as a timely one. Soon everyone will know about WiseScribe super-brand strategies, but that won’t matter because you were the first ones to implement it into your sales campaign. Someone has to be the lead dog. Hey, it’s lonely up here but that’s what separates you from the pack.


Just to be sure you don’t pass up the best advertising opportunity you’ll see in 5 years, let’s take a brief look at the evolution of this phenomenon.


The Internet has not been around that long. In fact over the last 30 years the Internet has done more for the marketplace than 60 years of television ever did. Soon everyone will be making educated buying decisions from the comfort of their personal mobile computers, whether in their cars, homes, on a lunch break or on the beach, the power to buy is fast becoming the most convenient phenomena in the history of the world. 


At any given moment 97% of all the money on the planet is electronically streaming around us. Only 3% is in cash transactions.

Meanwhile the psychology of persuasive sales copy is transforming at the speed of e-commerce. About the time the latest technology gets published it has already started to become obsolete. You have to be cutting-edge on the Internet or you get left behind fast.


At first the Internet was full of scrolling pages of hype and exaggerated promises. But as the Internet surfers became more shopper-savvy the sales copy had to evolve to become more relevant. Complex algorithms and the globalization of mobile technology have been constantly evolving to provide a user-friendlier environment for the arriving masses.


On the marketing side we have learned how to secure our shopping carts to protect our customers from fraud, and we’ve also learned how to drive traffic to our online stores as well as A/B test everything we do. As more successful companies invest more into their campaigns the rules get constantly changed. The Internet is earning credibility and trust; more browsers are becoming buyers than ever before.


The new algorithms can now find relevant information based on the users inquiry faster and more accurately as well. We’ve learned that long endless sales pages are not selling product like they used to, in fact now the websites are incorporating interactive social media offering a more pleasant shopping experience. This is called Web 2.0. By creating socially interactive sales presentations some web sites have increased conversions by more than 1100%. Even a 50%-100% increase is impressive. We finally discovered what people want. Raw, real relevancy and shorter more interactive sales copy that use multiple media sources are raking in billions of dollars every day.


Below are 4 stages of development:


  1. The Internet boomed. It was inefficient because conversions were low.
  2. We discovered creating more relevant persuasive copy increased sales again.
  3. Then we discovered that by creating interactive copy we could increase sales conversion again. That’s Web 2.0
  4. Presently utilizing a user-integrative model by offering a hands-on participatory experience, increased conversion even more; i.e. an interactive promo item! What this does is activates the laws of reciprocity, it creates an obligation to buy.


All these factors combined yield the highest response levels and conversion levels that have ever been seen in the market place to date. The sticks and brick market place is now transformed into a dominating e-commerce social media marketplace.


Hence, a store in every home and WiseScribe super-branding strategies becomes the key to the modern buying experience. WiseScribe is the key to your customers, unlocking more sales for you. We now understand intimately what people desire and that is “the power to buy.”


WiseScribe super-branding strategies empower the consumer to buy because it eliminates all the blocks to buying and utilizes time tested persuasive sales technology with the convenience of the Internet. It’s proven that this empowers your buyer to make a buying decision in less time.

The Social Media Marketing Benefits to the Retailer


The WiseScribe increases sales by decreasing lag time between advertising and soaring profits.


The WiseScribe also empowers the retailer to offer elite memberships with ongoing promotional campaigns without further out-of-pocket expense. This is a proven branding strategy that gets your brand into their mind and into their heart in an effective manner, which is the goal of all GREAT advertising.


The WiseScribe also empowers the retailer to utilize the benefits of affordable multiple media, including video, audio, educational and effective sales copy materials.


The WiseScribe campaign also empowers the retailer to increase word-of-mouth advertising because your customer will be motivated to share it with others. That's what Social Media Optimization (SMO) is all about.


Launching Social Media Marketing (SMM) promotions allow your qualified buyers to receive referral points on top of the reward points that they earn by returning to your website, over and over again and again. This increases your super-branding presence, inspiring customer loyalty.

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Another benefit of WiseScribe super-brand strategies is that the retailer benefits from the power of cross-marketing advertising.  So if you have a banner ad on the promotion page, or someone receives a promotion code from another retailer from a different industry they will experience your interactive promotion and sales advertising campaign. It exponentially multiplies the power of your advertising dollar into other markets, which positively affects your bottom line!


Invent a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door! 

Thank you for reading this!

Todd M. Faassé
President and Founder
WiseScribe Publishing Inc.

"The Intelligent Innovative Design Experience That Goes Beyond Words."


~The WiseScribe Credo~

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is necessary!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is emotional!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is primal!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is human nature!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is seductive!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is physical!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is local!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is global!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is an experience!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is sensual!

WiseScribe™ super-brand strategy is fun!

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